Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Yorkshire and Trivets

_MG_4904.jpgLast week we met up with Kellee for brunch and a little crafting. Have you ever had Yorkshire Pudding? Not only had I never had it, but I had never even heard of it? Have you? If you'd like to try it you can find the recipe here. Don't forget to put it in a cute Pyrex like Kellee. 
_MG_4908.jpgThe children had this fantastic breakfast casserole. I had a little of both.
_MG_4915.jpgThen it was down to business. We attempted to make felt trivets. You can find the directions here.
_MG_4909.jpgJust cut out little squares and cut slits in them according to the pattern.
_MG_4911.jpgThen you just fit the pieces together through the slits. It's pretty easy, but ours definitely didn't look as nice as How About Orange's. We'll keep practicing. This is the front.
_MG_4912.jpgThe back looked pretty cool too. We couldn't decide which side we liked better.


Adriane said...

How have you made it through life without Yorkshire pudding?!

Kellee said...

Your pictures make everything so beautiful. Although my cutting mat is not a cool as yours :) It was so to see you all again!

Lauren said...

I love how Yorkshire Pudding puffs up huge in the oven and then falls flat when it comes out. I'm so easily amused.

Erin said...

I saw Kellee's recipe on her blog. I have never seen (or eaten) a sweet Yorkshire Pudding. My English grandma always made it with Sunday dinner as a savory dish to go along side the meat. She made it in muffin tins for individual portions, but told me her mother poured the batter right into the roasting pan with the beef roast drippings, and it would puff up around the meat.

I haven't made YP in a long time because Gus is allergic to eggs. :( Because the batter is so egg-centric it is not a dish he could eat with us. Kellee's recipe does looks delicious.

JAN said...

I've talked to a few people have only had YP the way your grandma made it. Interesting.

Kellee said...

Erin, that is what everyone has said when they have seen my recipe. I am anxious to try it that way sometime too but I rarely ever make a beef roast!

We would be lost if we had egg allergies. The girls would eat eggs every morning if I would let them!

I love these food conversations.