Wednesday, March 14, 2012

6 Thrift Stores, 2 Starbucks, and 1 Fancy Tiger

_MG_4831.jpgAfter working a few hours in our garden on Monday, I met up with Heather and we went thrifting. I meant to get some more photos, but we wanted to hit as many stores as we could, so we hurried. We made it to 6 stores and hardly have anything to show for it. I'm sure our husbands were happy about that though. These two bowls were the bowls I needed to finish off my Daisy set. The little yellow bowl was the one I broke a few weeks ago.
_MG_4832.jpgIsn't that sad? The poor bowl was quite loved in its previous home. . . or not too loved and did not get cared for very well. I really wanted this bowl, but couldn't buy it in this condition. :( I'll just keep hunting.
_MG_4891.jpgWe ended up stopping at Starbucks twice during our outing. A gal needs to keep up her momentum and Starbucks is the way to do it.  We also stopped into this awesome craft store called Fancy Tiger. If you're in the Denver area and love to sew, knit, crochet, or do pretty much anything crafty you must stop in and see the store. They have the cutest fabric. I, of course, had to buy a few fat quarters even though I have no idea what I am going to do with them yet. And, there's my little Pyrex purchase. Just a little Spring Blossom to add to my collection. There must be a Pyrex drought in Denver. How do you go to six different thrift stores only to find a few pieces? Bring on summer. 


Lauren said...

I have yet to see any Pyrex in my Goodwill. Also, I know that because of the economy people aren't giving to the Goodwills as much. Kellee heard it on a radio station from WY and I got a flyer about it when I shopped at mine. So, it appears everyone is holding on to their Pyrex.

Heather said...

Thank you for cropping out my double chin in those photos :)

I had such a good time! I want to do it again, like, now.

{Although I'm still sort of annoyed with you for pulling the bait & switch on the whole, "Sure, I'm up for another Starbucks run!...NOT! I had a granola bar this morning. I don't need anymore Starbucks you addict. Now order!"}


JAN said...

Ha, ha! Next time I won't do that. ;) It was so fun wasn't it? We need make that a regular thing.

Debbie said...

I started collecting pyrex cake and casserole pans at my favorite resale shop. Mine are clear. I never thought about collecting colored pyrex. Now that most of my kids are grown, I can start having fun dishes and pans to use. Most of my aluminium pans end up outside to feed animals or have plants in them. The pyrex are mine. Love seeing what you find.

Baker Bee said...

Hi! I love reading your blog and all your yummy recipes. I live here in Denver too, and love thrifting, but cant find any stores I like. Where do you shop?