Tuesday, February 7, 2012


photo-5.jpgHave a I ever mentioned that my husband has a huge family, compared to mine, with a large number of them living South Dakota? (Right now we're just talking about his dad's side. His mom's side of the family is even bigger.) With all that family there are so many people wanting to help however they can. Jared's cousin Ryan and wife Nikki have girls that are close in age to our girls, so while we stayed with Rick and Katie an extra day they swept our older girls up and took them home with them. The girls have a great time together.
photo-4.jpgSince Tuesday was a school day guess what our girls did? Yes! They went to school with their cousins.  They've often talked about riding a school bus and going to school and now they finally got the chance. It was a good experience, however, not one that they want to take part in again anytime soon. Rachel didn't quite make it the entire day. She ended up going over to Aunt Phylis' house and hanging out. Rebecca thought school was okay. She didn't like that they had to sit so much during the day. When they returned home from school they got to feed the goats. Our kids have wanted goats since we visted for the family reunion a little over a year ago. Darn! There just wasn't enough room in the car to bring them home. Sorry, Nikki, maybe next time. :)

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Gretchen said...

My girls have also always cherished a dream of one day riding the school bus. I hate to burst their bubble...it's not that exciting. Especially in South Dakota, where some of the kids in the boonies spend hours on the bus every day! At least your girls know how good they have it at home with you.