Monday, January 2, 2012

More Cookies and Carols

_MG_3042.jpgJust before Christmas we got together with more friends to decorate more cookies. I can't let Christmas come and go without decorating cookies with Kellee the cookie queen!
_MG_3051.jpgLook at that concentration. Don't worry it didn't last long. He was itching to eat them before he was even finished decorating.
_MG_3047.jpgIt looks like Josie may have gotten the cookie decorating gene from her mother.
_MG_3058.jpgLook at this adorable little red head. Ugh! She is just the cutest little thing. She was all about the eating and not so much the decorating.
_MG_3060.jpgThe little girls got some decorating in too, however, while they had to share frosting there was a little nibbling involved.
_MG_3066.jpgRachel might be a baker when she grows up. 
_MG_3070.jpgLittle Eisley even wore a cute little apron. Look at their masterpieces.
_MG_3079.jpgAnna's goal was to slather as much frosting on her cookie as she could and then lick it all off. Defintely a thinker here.
_MG_3074.jpgThese kids are artists. Amazing artists. :)
_MG_3028.jpgAnd because they didn't have enough sugar from the cookies we also had some eggnog cupcakes! They were a hit.
JKH.jpgKellee, Heather, and I even had a little fun of our own. We had a small little gift exchange and I have to say these ladies are the best! While we chatted and drooled over our awesome gifts the older girls were plotting a little show for us. Check it out!


Lauren said...

Well, now it's official. I'm jealous.

Kellee said...

This was just as funny the second time around :) Thanks for having us!