Sunday, November 20, 2011

Lutheran Goodness

_MG_1973.jpgLast week I spent half a morning making soup. Can you guess what this one was? This is the beginning of some cajun clam chowder. Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the finished soup, but let me tell that I'm not a seafood fan and I loved this soup. It had such great flavor that you don't notice the clams at all.
_MG_1977.jpgI also made a chicken soup, chili, chicken tortellini soup, and pork tofu soup. They were all fantastic. Thank you ladies for sharing your soup recipes with me. They were a huge hit.
_MG_1995.jpgWe hosted Pastor Daniel Preus for the weekend. He does some pretty amazing work with Luther Academy.
_MG_1996.jpgWe decided to have some friends over to hear about some of his adventures._MG_1993.jpgThere was plenty of soup to go around along with some fun conversation and stories to be told.
_MG_2005.jpgOn Sunday, Pastor Preus was kind enough to preach and then spend the Bible study hour speaking about this time in India teaching pastors good Lutheran theology. These Lutheran pastors are like sponges and it was great to hear how much they appreciate the education given to them.
_MG_2008.jpgHinduism is the main religion practiced in India. It was quite eye-opening to see the beliefs and practices in India. After the presentation we had a potluck lunch where my soups made an appearance and were devoured.

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Lauren said...

Wow. I can almost smell that soup right now. It looks delicious.