Friday, September 2, 2011

Happy Birthday, Anna!

Anna[1].jpgAnna you were born with a bushy head of cute hair. You may just be our most easy going little baby yet. You attended your very first wedding just two days after you were born.
Your father had the pleasure of baptizing you four days after you were born. I made your baptismal gown from great-grandma Rosemarie's old pattern.

20100905_0078.jpgLast year, on your first birthday, you didn't want anything to do with your cake. We topped it with watermelon and you ate just the watermelon happily.
_MG_9948.jpgToday you're two! Along with your avid love for Legos you're also quite the chatter box.
_MG_9962.jpg You are so stinkin' hilarious. We laugh daily because you. You're very observant and pick things up quickly. You pretty much helped to potty train yourself and your sister.
_MG_9961.jpgWe love you and your chubby little face and wish you stop growing so quickly. We'll have another celbration tonight when you get to attend your second wedding. I heard a special cake was made for you! Happy birthday, Anna


Ewe said...

2 YEARS! It seems like just yesterday that I met you when you were pregnant with her. Happy Birthday Anna!
I love her name, that is what we chose for a girl when I was pregnant with Lamb 1 and I haven't given up hope that some day we will have our own Anna Christine.

Lauren said...

Happy birthday, sweet Anna! Who can resist those sweet, chubby cheeks? Much love from the Braatens. Oh, and come back and visit us any time.

Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, Anna. I hope to see you again soon!!