Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The Gown

Gown This is Anna’s baptismal gown.  I decided to make it at the last minute.  I had always planned on making Elizabeth’s gown.  I had bought the fabric, but never got around to making it.  Lucky for Anna, as the days got closer to my due date I got a little motivated.  I started this gown a few days before she was born.Gown7Inspiration from the gown came from this pattern.  I had acquired a box of old patterns from Jared’s grandma Rosemarie and this pattern was inside. Can you tell how old it is?  I saw this pattern and instantly loved it.  I knew that the next baby we had was going to get a gown from this pattern.  It was supposed to be Elizabeth.  Oops!  Well now it’s Anna!Gown5I’m not one for a lot of lace and frills, so of course I tweaked it a little.  I love the gathered neckline, but don’t like lace around a baby’s neck.  Too itchy.  Puffy sleeves on a little girl is so adorable.  That’s why I loved this pattern so much. Gown3 Then of course to give it a little bit of a vintage feel I added lace to the bottom.  I saw this fabric and just had to have it because of the beautiful bead work on it.


















So there you have it.  The story behind Anna’s baptismal gown, in case you wanted to know it.


Amy said...

Beautiful Jan! You inspire me! I wished I lived by you and you could teach me all your sewing tricks!

Lauren said...

Jan - you continue to amaze me. The gown is beautiful. What a wonderful thing for Anna to have for her children to use. Thanks for posting such great pictures of it.

Erin said...

I did want to know! I figured that you made her gown. It is beautiful!

Gail said...

Thanks be to God for another beautiful little girl.
Congratulations to you both/all. I'm trusting she's holding her own at the bottom of the Melius totem pole.
And what a beautiful and sweet baptismal dress.

Julie Rivera Photography said...

Oh, to be so skilled with needle and thread! Simply gorgeous and I love its position on the clothesline for your image.

Emily said...

The baptismal gown is absolutely beautiful. I wish I had such talent in the area of sewing...and to be able to pass that skill on and teach it to your girls...what a blessing.