Saturday, July 30, 2011

It Just Keeps Growing

_MG_8868.jpgWe stopped by the church garden earlier this week. These photos were taken about a week and a half after this last post. The corn has tassels!
_MG_8871.jpgAnd it's growing. 
_MG_8872.jpgThis little pepper plant is really taking off. I think there were about 10 that I counted just from this plant.
_MG_8877.jpgI even found a few watermelons growing. I'm excited to see if they actually get big enough for us to eat.
_MG_8878.jpgOur beans are nice and bushy, but have yet to produce anything. Last year I had already canned a large crop and we were almost ready to can another crop by this time last year.
_MG_8882.jpgOur tomatoes are staked by these poles and wires that hang from pole to pole. They just keep multiplying too. Thomas is picking carrots. When we go to the garden the kids usually help pick veggies and then they sit and eat carrots while I pull a few weeds. We don't end up bringing many carrots home. They usually get eaten before we make it home.
_MG_8883.jpgI also found a little cantaloupe. We didn't plant any cantaloupe this year, so it looks like some plants from last grew. I don't think anything will come of these little cantaloupes. They're so little.
_MG_8885.jpgWe have carrots, squash and zucchini growing like weeds with a few cucumbers thrown in. My friend Lisa followed us to the garden and they brought home several vegetables too. I also gave a some to our neighbors. I keep just enough for us to eat because I know that we'll be getting more everyday. What a blessing our garden has been. It saves me a trip to the grocery store or farmers' market.
_MG_8889.jpgI also picked our first jalapeno the other day. What a beauty! I can't wait to make salsa when those tomatoes turn red.

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Esther said...

My beans have been slow this year too. I just had my first crop, and it was very small. It's one of those years, I think!