Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Church Garden

Garden.jpgI've gotten comments and emails of people trying to picture our garden with over 100 tomato plants, so here it is, most of it anyways. This photo was actually taken a few weeks ago. A lot can change in just a week, so things actually look a little different now. On the outside of the fence we have cucumbers, zucchini, and yellow squash growing.
Garden4.jpgThat's my friend Renee picking a salad for herself and family. She's going to kill me when she sees these photos. Oops! Behind her are onions and garlic. In front of her are two rows of lettuce and two rows of tomato plants. Then you see a ton of dirt. The next couple of rows are carrots. They went a little crazy since they were never thinned. I heard that you should thin your carrots. They still taste pretty good nonetheless.
Garden1.jpgHere's some corn. We have a strange corn crop this year. Some of it never came up, so we also have random corn around the garden. I was a little bummed about that because I was hoping to have an outrageous amount of corn this year. As of a few days ago our corn has grown a ton and has tassels as well, so the corn doesn't really look so dainty anymore.
Garden2.jpgOur tomatoes are a wild bunch. The plants aren't big, but the tomatoes are plentiful. Looks like I will be canning many, many tomatoes soon.
Garden3.jpgI think we've got six rows of tomatoes totalling over 100 plants. They're all supposed come in at the same time. Anyone want some tomatoes?
Our garden at home is a whole other story. It's quite a smaller scale and the garden in the back is pretty pathetic. Let's just talk about that later. For now just enjoy our church garden.

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Lauren said...

Wow. Thanks for the photos. I can't imagine how crazy it will be for you when all your tomatoes ripen at the same time. I have two small boxes and I'm overwhelmed. :) We should get together and have a canning party.