Thursday, June 9, 2011

Cookies, Cookies, Cookies

_MG_7117.jpgAround here there is never a shortage of cookies. I think I bake a batch of cookies every two or three days. That's how quickly we eat them.
_MG_6905.jpgOn our weekly shopping trip, to guess where, I spotted this massive bag of M&Ms. I knew exactly what I was going to do with them.
That's right! I grabbed a few handfuls and threw them in with my cookie dough.
_MG_7078.jpgThat's some pretty colorful cookie dough. Isn't it fun? It kind of makes you happy doesn't it?
_MG_7103.jpgNow what about this? These cookies are a new favorite around here. I think I might have to keep M&Ms stocked in the pantry.
_MG_7095.jpgGo ahead. Have a bite. They're delicious.
_MG_7106.jpgDavid was pretty excited because we were eating M&M cookies and he was wearing an M&M shirt. What are the odds?

To make these cookies you can use my chocolate chip recipe, but instead of adding chocolate chips you add M&Ms. Yum! For even more variation you can make these with the same dough recipe. I made them for this bake sale and they were a huge hit!


So I say...Living Life to the Fullest said...

I love M&Ms. They are by far my all time favorite candy. :) Your cookies look delicious.

JAN said...

There's a new pretzel M&M that I just love. I'd love to try those in a cookie sometime.

Erin said...

Have you ever made Monster cookies? They are basically peanut butter oatmeal m&m chocolate chip raisin cookies. That sounds gross, but they are so good. The recipe makes an enormous batch...maybe your cookie jar would stay full for a week.,1710,146173-228206,00.html

JAN said...

Oooh! I'll have to try these. I usually make a double batch of cookies when I make mine and they don't last. :( These actually sound really good, except the raisins. :)