Saturday, May 28, 2011

Rachel's Birthday

_MG_6572.jpgThis new 7 year old wanted to make her own cupcakes.
_MG_6573.jpgGuess what kind of cupcakes we made? Adriane, Jeni? Any guesses?
_MG_6575.jpgWe made rainbow cupcakes!
_MG_6577.jpgI haven't decided how I feel about these cupcakes. While they look really neat and cool on the inside, the taste and the outside were a little less desirable. However, the children loved them.
_MG_6584.jpgRachel wanted these cupcakes with a strawberry frosting. You can't go wrong with frosting that tastes like ice cream, right?
_MG_6597.jpgShe was pretty excited to get rollerblades for her birthday. I think it's going to be a fun summer!
_MG_6600.jpgRachel got an extra large cupcake!
_MG_6601.jpgBlowing out candles is pretty fun and easy. :)
_MG_6604.jpgIt's like a psychedelic, tye-dyed cupcake. Mmm. . . . Happy birthday, Rachel! And thank you for all the messages and cards. She was pretty excited to hear from you!

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Adriane said...

Go, Rachel! Wait. How did your cupcakes turn out better than mine and Jeni's and we are four times your age!!??