Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Big Day

_MG_6506.jpgSunday was a big day for our church.
_MG_6510.jpgWe started this fire in the parking lot after church. That's my Lutheran Stud in the white alb.
_MG_6514.jpgThen we began waving our hands in the air while singing praise songs. Just kidding.
_MG_6516.jpgOur little church gathered together in our church's parking lot burn some papers!
_MG_6524.jpgNot just any papers, but our mortgage papers. Yep!
_MG_6526.jpgThat's right. After many, many, many years our church has finally paid off the mortgage on our building. It was a pretty exciting day.
_MG_6527.jpgThat's the president of our congregation setting those papers in the fire._MG_6530.jpgWe couldn't be happier to be out of debt. Perhaps we should call Dave Ramsey. ;)
_MG_6532.jpgGone just like that! Wooohoo!!! Now it's time to party. Who's in?


Adriane said...


Awesome work, guys!

Lauren said...

I'm in. I'm all for a good reason to have a party.

You had me really, seriously worried when I saw the hands in the air. What was it for actually?


Christine said...

YOU'RE DEBT FFFRRREEE!!! (Yep, I think you should call Dave Ramsey). I hope that also was inspiration to others to encourage them to become debt free on their homes.

JAN said...

Lauren, Jared was asking how many members had been paying off the mortgage since the beginning. There weren't many.

Ellen - SkoMomma said...

Hooray! I wish we were any where close to paying off our church mortgage!