Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morning

_MG_5333.jpgHappy Easter! Every year I make futile attempts to photograph my children together. 
We can make silly faces at them and it only works for a few children.
_MG_5338.jpgIt's really hard to get a reaction from my two babies who aren't really early risers.
_MG_5339.jpgIt's even harder to get a reaction out of Anna when you wake her up for church at 7 am and she's yelling, "No!" the whole time.
_MG_5341.jpgDon't you dare try and pry her blanket from her hands. That could be disastrous.
_MG_5343.jpgOh, well! I'll try again next year.  :)
I hope you all had a blessed Easter! Jesus lives. The victory's won.


Lauren said...

I love these pictures. Your children are beautiful. And Anna's little face absolutely cracks me up!

JAN said...

Isn't that funny? Anna's face doesn't change at all.

DeAnn said...

Anna's face says it all. That's exactly how I feel when having to get up extra early for anything. Your children are precious and the Easter outfits are great. I love all the black and white.

Nikki James said...

I LOVE the blanky! Mine is the same way!

Adriane said...

You get top Easter honors for dressing your children in my favorite colors. And for having adorable children. And for having adorable children with the best facial expressions ever.

Bree Soncrant said...

Your kids are too cute.
Looks like you need a bigger bench :)

Jennifer Bowen said...

These are some adorable shots of your children! Your youngest girl seem very serious. Must have been too early in the morning for her. LOL