Friday, April 8, 2011

10 in 10

_MG_4687.jpgBreakfast time! Thomas wanted to make toast. 
_MG_4689.jpgRight after breakfast the boys were off to the backyard with their guns. It wasn't even 50 degrees outside. They didn't care.
_MG_4694.jpgAfter I got breakfast cleaned up we were off to run some errands. We made a run to Costco.
_MG_4696.jpgNext to Costco was the pet store, so we dropped in to get Crabby a friend.
_MG_4699.jpgIt's a lot of work to run around town. We got home and after awhile I realized that I didn't know where Elizabeth went. She was tired so she climbed into her crib and put herself to sleep.
_MG_4704.jpgAfter lunch the boys headed back outside. David said he was hot, so he took his shirt and shoes off. It wasn't even 60 degrees outside. I guess the sun makes up for it.
_MG_4706.jpgRachel opened her very own pet store. Anyone want some rollie pollies?
_MG_4735.jpgOnce the little girls woke up from their nap we headed to the library to get books about hermit crabs.
_MG_4742.jpgAre boxes the best toy in your house? They are in ours. If a huge box of diapers arrives the diapers get dumped out and the box is taken over to become a fort, or a ship, or a house.
_MG_4748.jpgHermit crabs are nocturnal, so they sleep all day long. The kids wanted to get them out and "play" with them, so we did.
_MG_4773.jpgAfter the kids went to bed the hermit crabs were busy, busy, busy!
There you have our day in photos. Our ten in ten. . .or more like eleven. You didn't even notice did you? Until next time...


Lauren said...

What a great day. I love how Elizabeth is asleep with paper and pencil in hand. And what is the new crab's name?

JAN said...

Yes, Elizabeth loves to draw and can often be seen carrying a pad of paper and pencil all over the house.

The new crab's name is Hermie. Fitting, don't you think?