Thursday, March 17, 2011

Ten In Ten

 Ten shots in ten hours. No, not ten shots, but yes, shots. Got that? Good. Here we go!_MG_3946.jpgSometimes I like to make a mocha in the morning.
_MG_3950.jpgUnloading the dishwasher.
_MG_3971.jpgCracking open the science book.
_MG_3959.jpgLefthanded awesomeness. So far, four out of my six children are left handed. Just waiting for Anna to get her act together. Poor Rebecca, she's the only right handed person in our family.
_MG_3964.jpgAfternoon at the library.
_MG_3967.jpgBig chore for the big kids, organizing the shoe shelves.
_MG_3984.jpgPlaying outside after nap time.
_MG_3988.jpgThe neighbors bought McDonald's for dinner for all the kids.
_MG_3994.jpgNothing like celebrating our neighbor's birthday on the bed of a pick up truck! Happy Birthday, Brenna!
_MG_3999.jpgBoys caught building a fort when they were supposed to be sleeping.


Lauren said...

What a great day! Cute kids, sunshine, coffee, neighbors, cake . . . can't beat that.

My favorite shot is of David's face when he's caught in the act. Priceless.

Erin said...

What? No alcohol?

Adriane said...

A) I love that so many of your kids are left-handed.
B) I love his face too.
D) My ten hours are going to suck. It's going to be ten shots of a computer screen with Japan headlines.

Monique said...

And I thought I had shoe problems. I'd hate to see your sock drawer !

Lauren said...

Good point, Erin. Remedy that, Jan.

JAN said...

Monique, our socks aren't really that bad. The kids all wear Hanes socks. The "Hanes" is in a different color for each different size. Socks just get sorted according to color.

I'll take care of that next time. This was fun. I may have make this a weekly thing. :)

Kellee said...

I officially hate you. First the home tour, now the ten in ten. You are making the rest of us look bad.

JAN said...

Kel, you forget that my camera is always out. :) Hey, where's your home tour anyway? I'm still waiting.

Erin said...

I'm looking at your pictures again instead of making dinner. I noticed your high heels in that shoe picture. Holy cow Batman! Can you walk in those heels? You need to teach me more than photography and sewing! Jan on the catwalk! Whoop!

JAN said...

Erin, you're hilarious. Has Lauren been talking to you about my shoes? She calls them hooker shoes. I will have to send you a few photos. :)