Wednesday, March 9, 2011


_MG_3511.jpgMy dear friend, Lauren, lives in the middle of nowhere Illinois. When she pulled out her styrofoam friend I was a little worried. I am glad I arrived when I did, but it was almost too late.
_MG_3512.jpgLook! She made her friend a cute little scarf. Just kidding, Lauren! I love you! Isn't this scarf great? I didn't actually get a photo of Lauren wearing it though. We were too busy laughing and I forgot.
_MG_3514.jpgI also taught Lauren how to use a rolled hem foot. It is the best foot ever invented.
_MG_3515.jpgOkay, maybe we needed a little more practice. Actually, the other sides turned out beautifully. All is good!
_MG_3510.jpgI think I spent a day just cutting out fabric.
_MG_3517.jpgAny guesses on what I was making?


Kellee said...

She may have made that face for the camera, but that is a permanent look for her when working on projects :) I remember it from the days of our youth. Love you Lauren!
Is there an I <3 Faces category for that one?

confessionalcook said...

Jan, you're a saint. How many times did she throw that scarf on the floor and say "I quit!"? What? Only 3 times??

Your place mats are adorable! Beautiful fabrics!

Lauren said...

Very funny, girls. Jason said it's not "I quit" but more of a "I give up." Not that he would know. I NEVER say that.

And Mom, keep checking back on Jan's blog. Those aren't place mats . . .