Friday, February 11, 2011

Random House

Rooms.jpgNo, not the publishing house, random rooms in my house. :) Standing in the kitchen, facing away form the kitchen, you are able to see four different doors. The door on the left goes to the basement. The middle door houses school supplies, puzzles, and games. Next to that closet is a tiny bathroom and the last door, furthest away is the laundry room, which leads out into the garage.

Rooms1.jpgHere is a look at the bottom of the basement. It basically serves as the children's play room. There is also a guest room and two other storage rooms. I have a lot of canning items, canned foods, and food that like dark dry places in one of the storage rooms. Maybe you'll get the tour down there and maybe not. I rarely go down there. We had a small flood a few years ago and ended up doing a little remodel, so it fit our needs better. HERE and HERE is a link to that.  HERE is another view of the basement, mostly finished.

Rooms2.jpgNow, I believe this closet was meant to be a utility or coat closet. We needed the space for other things. Jared was kind enough to build a bunch of shelves. Then he hung a pantry organizing thing on the door. It works quite well for us. Notice, I keep things at the higher end of the closet in order to keep things out of the reach of tiny people in our home.

Rooms3.jpgOn the main floor, we also have a small bathroom. It really just a toilet and sink room. It's super tiny and the ceiling, again, is really high.

Rooms4.jpgI was desparate to hang something in here, so right now there are some photos of the Seattle view in our bathroom. There is still plenty of open wall space.

Rooms5.jpgNext to the sink is another wall calling out to be decorated.


Erin said...

I don't think that Napoleon would rock your bathroom, but the technique rocks. What about a swirly design or something floral? I know how much our husbands love floral.

JAN said...

That is a fantastic idea Erin. I could do a tree with branches that covered a lot of the space and add some flowers or something. Can you come out and paint it for me? I know you can do that. I sew for you, if you paint for me. :)

Adriane said...

You guys know each other?