Saturday, May 2, 2009


When we moved into this house we talked about, someday, redoing the basement. It's got an odd layout, however it wasn't urgent, so we left it alone. Then this storm happened. Little did we know that our sump pump had stopped working. I went downstairs that evening to get a sewing pattern and things were wet. I thought the kids were playing with water downstairs again. They have like to play restaurant and have tea parties. Then I realized that there was no way they would dump that much water on the floor. I decided to check the storage room where our sump pump was located. The storage room was okay. It was the bedroom- the carpet was soaking wet. Thus, begins our remodeling project in the basement.

There's the sump pump right behind Jared. He ripped down the wall that lead to part of the storage area. There was a door from the bedroom that led into this storage room. Lucky for us it was bulk garbage day in our neighborhood where the garbage collectors pick up big items. We decided to take the carpet out and stick it on the curb!
There was a double wide door here. Gone now! See that carpet? That was the odd area that didn't make sense to us. It was like a random little cove.
Jared is prepping for door installation. We moved the door here.
There used to be a wall across here. See the stud? You can still see the wall in the previous photo.
The door was moved here. We moved the bedroom so now there will be windows in it and a closet will be built. That will leave room for a larger storage area full of shelves. I love shelves!!

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Fiene family said...

Wow, that was fast! It's going to look great, and isn't it considered another bedroom now?