Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Birthday Anniversary

Cards1So continuing on with my birthday, I was frantically getting ready for church Sunday morning, like I do every Sunday. Every Sunday I always think that we are going to be late, so I rush the kids, sometimes not letting them eat breakfast, only to arrive at church 15 minutes early. Yes, that's how I roll. I'm crazy, I know. In all the chaos of getting everyone dressed and out the door I wasn't even thinking about my birthday. It was the last thing on my mind. We arrive at church and everyone starts telling me "Happy Birthday!"  They are all happy and excited. I should have known something was up. When church is over Jared normally walks down the aisle and greets everyone out of the sanctuary. Well, he didn't do that on this particular Sunday. He told everyone to sit down because he had an announcement.  What he didn't know was that they were also celebrating his 5th anniversary of being Mt. Zion's pastor! One of the elders came forward and made this announcement. The organist played "Happy Birthday" and everyone sang. Then to our surprise there were two cakes in the fellowship hall! Unfortunately, I don't have any photos. One cake said "Happy 5th Anniversary Pastor" and the other "Happy Birthday Jan."
CardsCan you believe these crazy people kept this secret from us for weeks? Yes, weeks. They had been planning and plotting. We were overwhelmed by all the cards. It was nuts. I have to say, and of course I'm not biased, that we have been blessed with the best church ever! Truly, they are so gracious, thoughtful, and loving. We could not ask for a better church and we thank the Lord for all of these wonderful blessings that he has bestowed on us.


Lauren said...

That is awesome! What a great day.

Glenda said...

Oh how wonderful! What a thrilling day for you two!

Happy belated birthday and Happy belated anniversary!