Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just Chillin’

Yak Remember this fire while we were heading to Yakima?Yak5Well here’s a photo a few days after the fire.  Can you see all the black areas?  Those are the areas that got burnt.Yak1Most of our time spent in Yakima was pretty laid back.  Hanging out with cousins and playing outside pretty much sums it up.  The boys hardly ever had a shirt on because… Yak6they were constantly playing in the water, either on a slip n’ slide or trying to build a pool.Yak2 When they weren’t doing that, they were busy exploring and following Papa around.Yak3 Elizabeth quickly learned that she got to places faster if Papa carried her.Yak4The kids just love tractors, but when they saw Papa’s they wanted to know why it’s blue and not green. Hmmm….    Yak7Thomas was a little upset that he couldn’t find Papa out in the field.  Actually I can’t remember why he was crying.  This picture just made me smile, but I think he was looking for Papa.LBDay4

Hanging out with cousins. Does it get any better?

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Displaced Iowan said...

Poor Thomas! I'll rescue you, little guy!