Thursday, August 12, 2010

Bothell Landing

There’s something about going to a park.
It’s almost magical.
Maybe like Disneyland?  Okay, maybe not…BL6

Everyone is usually really happy and excited.
Watching the kids run off their ping pong ball like energy is so much fun. BL8   The kids also develop a little independence when they see awesome playground equipment.BL11  
At one point we took over all of the swings at the park.
Who can’t smile at this?     BL22

Bothell Landing is a historic park in Bothell where I grew up. This was the first, one-room schoolhouse.  We tried to get a group shot.  Thomas had to make sure that Lola’s hair was just perfect.  Thanks buddy.

He’s a sneaky little devil.  Kai is telling Lola that her hair looks great.  Time to smile for the camera. BL24 So we tried.  Maybe next time it’ll turn out better.

My cousin was kind enough to shoot these last three photos.  He’s an amazing photographer, so if you have a wedding or anything coming up let me know and I’ll get you his number.  :)

Another group shot on the famous bridge that leads to the Burke Gilman Trail.
Every good thing must come to an end.  Dinner time!


Displaced Iowan said...

Thanks, Jan. Thanks a lot. Thanks for having a ridiculously cute family . . . and then not living anywhere near me. 'Preciate that.

JAN said...

Adriane, I keep telling you to move out here. I'm not sure why you don't just listen. I guess it must take a cowboy or something.