Sunday, November 15, 2009

Seventy Pounds of Apples

Apples3 When I got all of those tomatoes I also picked up some apples-seventy pounds of apples.  I couldn’t pass up a good deal and we like apples!applesWhat does one do with so many apples?  We made applesauce and apple butter.  Then I let Rebecca make an apple pie.  That was good! Apples1This simple little apple corer/slicer is a great little tool.  It helps the process of making applesauce a little quicker.  You want things to go as quick as possible when you have 70 pounds of apples. Apples2Once we sliced the apples we boiled them all to soften them up. Apples7Then the girls got to have all the fun.  They tag teamed together putting the softened apples into the Kitchen Aid and smashing them down the strainer.  This attachment is the best for applesauce.  You don’t have to peel the skins off the apples.  It gets rid of them for you. .


apples4 Apples5

The attachment spits the applesauce out one end and the peels out the other.  It’s great.  We do this right over the sink so the peels can go straight into the garbage disposal.  This makes for easier clean up later.Apples6Here is my cheesy Thomas. He wanted to help to, but for now it was more of a two person job, so he watched until the girls got tired.  It takes awhile to get through all the apples, but it is definitely worth the work.

 Apples8 Apples9

Finally it’s Thomas’s turn.  He loved helping.  He didn’t want to stop, but we had to.  We ran out of apples.

So I forgot to take photos of the whole jarring and canning process of the applesauce as well as the end result, but you can look at some old photos if you’d like.  You can also refer back to my tomato canning for canning photos.  Well I’m off to search the ads for some more apple sales.  Until next time make it a great day!

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