Sunday, March 29, 2009


What do you do with 20lbs of apples? Why not make applesauce? Our local Sprouts farmers market had apples for .49/lb, so I had to buy some... I had to buy lots. I had just ordered and new attachment for my Kitchen Aid mixer, so this worked out great. And look, I got this huge bowl for Christmas and finally found the perfect use for it.

First you wash and rinse all the apples. Then cut them up and put them in a large pot to cook until they are soft.
After they are soft, which didn't take that long, you pull out your mixer and set it all up. Then find a cute little helper and start adding apples. Next you watch your cute little girl squish the apples down the attachment.
You really should do this over the sink because this is what comes out when the attachment squirts out the peels. It can go perfectly down your disposal if you set it up over your sink.
Your bowl then collects all the applesauce. After all the apples have been squished fill up your jars and process them for about 35 min (high altitude).
Now you're all done and you have beautiful jars of applesauce! It was so much fun. Hopefully the apples are on sale again next week. Stay tuned for another post. We also made apple butter.