Wednesday, May 20, 2009

It's All About Bravery

Jared often watches the kids so I can run errands, go to doctor's appointments, or go out with friends. He usually just stays at home with them. However on this crazy day there was a lot going on around our house. The basement, in particular, was needing to get finished as my family is coming into town this weekend. I was meeting a friend, more about that later, and Jared needed to go to the hardware store. He took all five kids with him. He has taken 4 of the 5 kids by himself numerous times, but he usually leaves Elizabeth. She's kind of a pain to a hall around. See the shopping cart pictured here? Picture this: David and Thomas are the drivers on top. Elizabeth is in her car seat in the cart part along with Rachel, and Rebecca, poor thing, has to walk. And if you have children you know that those infant car seats take up the entire cart. The cart is completely full. Jared has to get stuff to finish the basement. Where does he put it all? No where! He has to carry it. I get comments all the time about my kids and myself. I have never received this one, "You are a brave man!" That's what the clerk said to Jared when he saw him with all the kids. I was wondering why no one has ever told me that I was brave for carting all of my kids around. Jared says it's because it's just expected. I guess that's true. Although I think it would be easier for him to carry that dumb infant car seat in one hand and a two year old in the other hand. He is a lot stronger than I am. I think the kids had fun. He should do this more often! :)


Erin said...

I got a "Wow!" today from a guy wearing white socks with his sandals at the garden center. Astonishment because I have 4 kids or that I take 4 kids to the garden center--who knows? I wanted to say "Wow! Nice socks!", but I didn't. said...

i just love reading your blog. I think our families would have so much fun together lol... this trip for Daddy is something that would happen around here too :) and I agree... why do they get all the praise for being with all the kids when we do it all the time?? ;)