Sunday, May 17, 2009

Things People Say

When I'm out and about with all of my kids I get the strangest questions and comments. Today at church was one of those days. It got me thinking that I should write some of these comments down. I get the usual, "Are all those kids yours?" and "Boy do you have your hands full." to comments about being Octo-Mom or Jon and Kate Plus 8.

More recently I had a store clerk tell me that I have beautiful children. "Your baby is beautiful. Are all these children yours? They are just gorgeous. Oh! You need to get yourself a TV." I'll leave you to ponder that one.

Another store clerk again asked if all of my kids were mine. Then she said, "I would love to have that many children. How fun, but my husband would kill me."

A few weeks ago at church, a lady came up to me and said, "You are such a good mom! And your legs. I hope your girls get your nice legs. Oh, can I say that in church?" Today the same lady came up to me today, she likes babies, and said, "Does Elizabeth have your legs?" That was it. Nothing else. She just stood there beaming at Elizabeth.

Finally, today, again at church, a man came up to me and said, "Congratulations! I heard the news. Another one, huh? You pop babies out like blueberry muffins." I'll let you interpret that one on your own because I have yet to figure it out.

So here is a photo of Elizabeth. Do you think she has my legs? I think it's a little too soon to tell...

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Erin said...

Blueberry muffins? Did you slap him?