Saturday, April 18, 2009


This is how our morning started yesterday. The kids wanted toast. I think Rebecca needs to be the toast maker now because this is what happened when I made it. Our toaster is old. I didn't know that it doesn't pop the toast up when the toast is done. I started smelling smoke then I looked at the toaster and I think it was on its way to starting a fire. I caught it just in time. That was the last of our bread too.

This photo doesn't even show how bad the smoke really was. I had all the ceiling fans going, windows open, and the back door opened too. Oh and it was freezing cold outside and snowing. Did I mention that? I could barely breathe, so I sent the kids to play in the basement until it cleared up a little more.

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Kellee said...

Do I need to bring you some bread and a new toaster? I am at least good for the bread part :)