Friday, October 7, 2016


IMG 4899With the long winter we were eager to get going on our garden, so we got cold vegetables in as early as we could, but then 2 feet of snow hit. Ahh!! IMG 3538The weather did end up warming up after awhile and we got the entire garden planted.

IMG 3738Then the weeds started growing,
IMG 3735and the hundreds of rabbit,s on our property, began enjoying our crops, so we built a fence one afternoon.
IMG 3854The weather decided to skip spring and go straight to summer. Our poor cold weather crops didn’t know how to handle it, so they went to seed pretty quickly.
IMG 3874A hail storm hit in late spring and I thought I lost my onions, but instead they grew a little longer, and then it got too hot for them and they went to seed.IMG 3860When I thought our beets were a lost cause I went out one day and they had bounced back and were super bushy.
IMG 3877The corn was knee high before the 4th of July!
IMG 3895We built a little trellis for the cucumbers, but they felt like spreading their leaves rather than climbing, so we had to go along and train them to go up the fence manually.
IMG 3881We planted 120 tomato plants hoping for a large crop so I could can vine-ripened tomatoes for the winter. There’s just something about the flavor of vine-ripened tomatoes from your own garden that a grocery store tomato can’t beat.
IMG 3897I forgot about how zucchini plants grow to an enormous size, so when my husband only planted four plants I was a little skeptical. I wasn’t sure there would be enough zucchini to feed our family.


Lauren said...

How do you vine ripen over the winter? I've never heard of this.

Pamela said...

Hello, I just found your blog tonight. I wanted to reach out and say hello, because I believe we live in close to the same area of Denver and my husband and I just signed up for our first step in becoming foster parents.

Jan Melius said...

Lauren, my tomatoes ripened on the vine and then I canned them so we could eat them this winter.

Hi Pamela! Nice to "meet" you. Let me know if you have any questions about foster care. Good luck in the process.