Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Tea Party!

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Amidst a somewhat busy spring sports schedule and a rainy, cold spring a few church ladies and I were able to get away, for a few hours, for tea at the Brown Palace.  I had only heard some wonderful stories about tea at this place and now I was finally getting to experience it for myself!

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We ordered 4 different teas, so that we could try a variety of different flavors. Then we were showered with a lovely tray of delicate tea sandwiches, scones with Devonshire cream, and dainty little pastries. They were so pretty and cute. I didn’t want to eat them, but I was assured that if we ran out of something we could get more. They just kept bringing us more little cucumber sandwiches, and scones, and oh those little desserts were to die for.
IMG 3428The company was lovely. We pretended we were living in the UK, and were part of Downton Abbey cast. We talked about the history, and the scandals that went on in show, and what it’s really like out there. Sitting there sipping tea and nibbling on a light lunch made us want to hop on a plane and visit. Wouldn’t that be fun?
IMG 3414The tea room of the Brown Palace is actually right in the foyer of the hotel. When you look up this is the ceiling. They’ve preserved much of the hotel which was built in 1892.
IMG 3417
 The architecture of the hotel is just beautiful. I loved the rails and the arches just add a nice touch.
IMG 3419Tea is  only open for a few hours each day and then there a bar right there too, which I am sure opens when tea time is over.
IMG 3415The foyer is definitely the central area of the hotel and everything points back to it. If you’re in or visiting the Denver area you should check it out, if you like tea of course.

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Lauren said...

What a gorgeous building! And what a fun day.