Sunday, September 4, 2016

Spring Sports

IMG_3272Spring finally came. Even though it was still cold outside we couldn't be shut in any longer. We needed out. Rebecca decided that she wanted to try playing volleyball, so we signed her up for a rec league and she had a ton of fun. We all learned a lot, especially me since Iv'e never played before and don't know volleyball rules. IMG_3262I guess Rebecca had a lot to learn too. We're, even now, still trying to figure this volleyball thing out. It's been fun and even makes me want to play a little. I just wish I was a little taller. That net is pretty high for a short gal like me.  _MG_2703Elizabeth, Anna, and two of our foster boys played machine-ptich baseball this spring. My dainty little Elizabeth pounded that ball at almost every at bat. It was so cute.

Anna really wanted to play baseball this year. She never played t-ball or coach pitch, but we still just threw her in there with everyone else. She was such a hoot to watch. It didn't matter how well or how poorly she played. She always had a smile on her face.
IMG_3434David played player pitch for the first time this year. He wanted to play every position, but mostly played 2nd base. He really wanted to pitch, but has zero experience pitching. He made a good effort and has been practicing in the backyard ever since. _MG_2881I had no idea he wanted to be a catcher, but he was pretty excited to try this position too. _MG_2879If he practices enough I think he could make a great catcher! _MG_2613Thomas did quite a bit more pitching this year than last. He's really enjoying it. _MG_2668He and his buddy Peter even plotted to get a kid out when he tried to steal second base. It was a hidden ball trick similar to this trick that Todd Helton did a while back. Always be alert when you're playing ball. The umpire didn't even know what was going on when our boys did this trick. _MG_2826I wouldn't recommend trying to steal bases when Thomas is pitching. Often times it doesn't end well for the base runner.  IMG_3394Who would have thought that two pastors could coach these boys to first place in their league? They certainly didn't practice and play year round like the other teams in their league, but they did work hard and they ended the season on top of the other teams. Go Blue Jays!

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