Monday, July 11, 2016

Super Bowl in Seattle

IMG_2191 Winter was starting to feel like it was never going to end and I kept getting bombarded with emails from the airline companies. I started shopping for airline tickets to warmer areas of the country. Then I came across tickets to Seattle. I checked them out and found a deal that we just couldn't resist. Roundtrip tickets for $59!! What? The kids and I hopped on a plane to visit our family in Seattle. That night before we didn't even know if our flight would even go. We made it to the airport bright and early though at 5:30am. It was like a ghost town, probably people switched flights because of the massive storm that came through. It was early, so we needed to get coffee and donuts while we waited for our flight. 2Our flight was actually relatively on time considering all of the de-iceing that needed to be done before we could take off. My children hadn't been on an airplane for so long that they couldn't even remember flying. My older children were just little babies and my little kids probably weren't even born the last time our entire family was on a plane. We left the big, cold storm in Colorado for the a wet and cloudy Seattle. IMG_2199That didn't stop our cousins from driving over the  mountains to come and see us, and it didn't stop the kids from playing basketball outside. IMG_2203
Uncle Dustin turned 34, so we pulled out all of our cameras and had a party
complete with an ice cream cake!
IMG_2296 Basketball skills were improved quite a bit while we were in Seattle. Even with the crummy weather it didn't stop the boys from going out and throwing the ball around. IMG_2253
We even had time to go to Lola's gymnastics meet, 
and Kai's basketball tournament. Good times!
IMG_6815 Super Bowl Sunday came quickly and I couldn't believe I was watching the Super Bowl in Seattle rather than in Colorado with my Bronco buddies. At least my lovely Seahawks friend knew who to root for. These lovely ladies and I have been friends since high school. 1Now we're all grown up with kids of our own, so where else should we meet up than at a park? ;) Even with the cold weather it didn't stop that kids from running and playing tag. It was just enough exercise before game time. IMG_2314We had a small little gathering with family to watch the Broncos victory of the Panthers. IMG_2331
Go Broncos!!
We returned to Denver just in time to miss the Broncos parade downtown, but don't worry my Lutheran Stud made it to the parade while we celebrated at the airport enjoying all the added blue and orange and Broncos jerseys all over. Departure boards even celebrated with extra exclamation points to Omaha!!!

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