Tuesday, July 12, 2016


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We got a short respite from the snow and a lot of it even melted. It was a good thing because my sweet little goddaughter came out from California for a little visit.
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I also planted some garlic in the fall and noticed that it was starting to sprout. We needed to get some water on them so they could keep growing. Our sprinklers were blown out in the fall and we still hadn't started them back up yet, so there was no water getting to them, except from the snow that had been falling. IMG_2657 Our chickens were even getting tired of being cooped up from the snow. They couldn't wait to get outside or see what I was cooking up in the kitchen. Do you know how creepy it feels to have chickens spying on you while you're washing dishes? IMG_2723Cousin Adam also came to visit, so we were happy for some sun since we had some work for him to do outside and inside of our house. There was also time for a little frisbee. IMG_2682I think the boys purposefully threw the frisbees on the roof so they could retrieve them. They've learned to climb the big pine tree in front of our house. It makes for an easy hop onto the roof.  IMG_2726Even all the mud in the field was drying out and we were able to get into the field to check out the wood pile. IMG_2730It definitely didn't disappear over the winter, but it looks well seasoned? IMG_2737The field looks more cleared out than it did in the fall. The children worked really hard over the winter and sold a ton of firewood. Now we've got to get this cleared out so we can plant a garden.

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Rachel Francisco said...

Veggie garden? Flower garden? Hope looks adorable!!