Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Spring Storms

Like I said in previous posts, winter seemed like it was never going to end. It did eventually end, but then the spring storms started. These storms weren't small either. Once one storm had passed through it wasn't but a few days later that another storm was already on its way.

IMG_2834The snow drifts were crazy. There were times that we had to dig a path just to get out the door.
3     4
I'd like to say that I was happy to stay cooped up indoors, but having chickens and wanting to burn firewood made staying in almost impossible.
IMG_2836It was quite the trek just trying to get to the chicken coop. Then trying to get into it was another obstacle in itself. We did make it in and found our chickens to be just fine and cozy inside.
2Their little run was covered from blowing snow, but the inside of their coop was dry and they were great. I'm sure they didn't like being stuck inside, but at least they were warm and their it's a good thing their feathers keep a lot heat for them.
We thought the snow was gone for awhile, so we bought some new baby chicks. They probably thought this spring/winter storm was nuts. That heat lamp was working overtime to keep these little guys warm.
IMG_2849     IMG_2855
Being stuck inside could make one stir crazy, so going outside with any amount of snow was starting to sound kind of fun.
It was pretty much impossible to keep the driveways all plowed, so it became fun and challenging to see if we could drive though all the snow. It only took my Lutheran Stud a few tries before he was able to plow through this mess.

Just so you know, our van is not 4-wheel drive and it liked to do a little fish-tailing on the ice. I also got stuck in my own driveway 3 times in one day. Luckily, I have some pretty awesome boys that were ready and able to dig me out.6
The snow did eventually stop and it felt quite peaceful and calm when the snow stopped falling and wind stopped blowing.

The children no longer felt like they would blow over from the wind, so they were able to explore our field. They found snow drifts that were taller than they are. They trudged through the snow and fell down on purpose because the snow was soft and it didn't hurt to fall.

The chickens were also excited for the storms to come to an end. They couldn't wait to get outside. The amount of worms they found was unbelievable. Many of them also loved to eat the snow.

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