Thursday, July 7, 2016

Snowy and Cold Football

4 - 14It felt like winter arrived early and stayed late. It came fiercely and stuck around for days. The first snow of the season is always fun and exciting. The kids love to get outside as soon as they can and then I don't see them for hours.
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Once the snow melted we thought things were back to normal again, but no, another storm was already on the way again.
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This snow and cold made this football season almost unbearable, except that every game we went to was exciting, fun, and it ended with the Broncos winning! We also got to our seats and were greeted with orange mustaches in our cupholders during the Bengals game. We were told that by wearing the mustaches we broke a world record for the most people wearing false mustaches or something weird like that.
_MG_1862Brock Osweiler was our quarterback for all of the games we attended this past regular season. He was a fun to watch and moved around a little bit better than Peyton Manning. _MG_1921Not only was it a cold football season for us, but all of the regular season games that we attended were night games and games that went into overtime. Ugh!! We beat the Bengals. Yay! 1 - 4Hot chocolate was a warm consolation when Michaela and I were on a mission to find some cupcakes. Hey, we found each other at the game though we were two sections away from each other, so I guess we were 1 for 2.  _MG_1780Walking around during the game helped keep us warm and had us back in our seats in time to witness the game winning touchdown for the Broncos against the Patriots. It was such a satisfying win because of all the controversy surrounding the Patriots and all of their cheating. _MG_1782 Savoring the win against Patriots was wonderful, but we had our eye set on the real prize which first meant playoffs. 1 It was finally playoff time and tailgate time! Not only was it playoffs, but we got to go during the day. It felt a little warmer and the vodka helped with that too, I'm sure. _MG_2002Playoff time meant Peyton Manning was back! Everyone was excited. There weren't many dirty, yellow towels as there normally is in the crowd during a game versus the Steelers. _MG_2013I can't say that it was a pretty win or an easy win, but it was a win nonetheless. _MG_2035That win meant that the Broncos were moving on to the AFC Championship game!
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 The entire city of Denver was excited for this game. Not only was it a rematch from earlier in the season, but a win meant a trip to the Super Bowl. _MG_2078The Broncos defense came out strong, especially against Tom Brady. They pretty much won the game for the Broncos. This was most definitely not a good game for Tom Brady or the Patriots. I think the Broncos sacked him four or six times. _MG_2178But hey, it was a win for the Broncos and that meant SUPER BOWL bound!! _MG_2183 Confetti was strewn all over the field. Some of it even made it to our seats. My Lutheran Stud couldn't resist and he picked up a piece of it and now carries it in his wallet. Can you say, "Crazy?" Just kidding, babe! Love you. ;) s - 9We stayed for the trophy celebration along with about 70,000 other people and it was insane and surreal. Super Bowl here we come, or rather here comes the Broncos!

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