Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Firewood, Anyone?

4 - 13 Having two fireplaces in our home brought some excitement as cooler weather began rolling in to town.1It sent my Lutheran Stud to Craigslist to search for firewood for us to burn in the winter. One ad in particular piqued his interest. A family had a large amount of Ash trees cut down on their property and needed to have them removed. It was a great deal for about 30 or so trees. 4 - 2Little did we know how much work it would be to remove all the trees from their property and moved to ours. It became quite the operation. Every free moment we had was spent moving huge logs.4 - 8We had friends helping us out and it became a job for our children. At one time we had 3 pick-ups and trailers bringing loads to our house. I was mostly inside watching small children and cooking up a feast for everyone. 5 - 11We even had people from our church volunteer to help us. I think this may have been the largest log in the entire operation. 5 - 12With some of the smaller pieces the children began moving things around and building forts. I'm sure the little bunnies may have enjoyed living in them while they could.
4 - 4          4 - 5
While it felt like a never-ending project having so many helpers helped lighten the work load. 5 - 2We had hoped to have all the wood moved over before any snow came. That didn't happen. There was snow here and there and everywhere. Sometimes it melted quickly and sometimes it stuck around. That is to say that when it was all said and done I think we had more wood than we knew what to do with it. 6 - 2Scratch that. We had big plans for all of that firewood. Our fall and winter was spent splitting wood, or rather our children, along with their friends, and their fathers split wood. 6 - 1We couldn't keep the stacks stuck! We posted an ad on Craigslist to sell firewood. These kids worked really hard all winter to split, sell, and stack firewood. 6 - 6It became quite the winter business. Sometimes we had three wood splitters running. 6 - 5We were hoping to get ahead of the game and have a ton of firewood stacked and ready to roll. 5 - 6But, as you can see there's quite a bit of wood. While most of what you see in the background has been sold, but there is still a fair amount of wood sitting around. Guess what my children will be doing this summer? That's right. I think they'll be weeding my garden and splitting wood to sell this winter. If you are in the Denver area and are looking for firewood to burn this winter let us know. Our children will split, deliver, and stack your fire wood for you. 


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