Monday, October 5, 2015

Baseball, Baseball, and More Baseball

UntitledI don't know about you, but we received a lot of rain in April and May causing a crazy baseball season for us.
UntitledWith 5 children playing baseball, a lot of rain meant a lot of make-up games for us and even a few doubleheaders. UntitledIn the month of June we lived at the baseball field. Our calendar was filled with baseball for 22 straight days. The season began without games on Sunday and as we neared the end of the season we were running straight from church to the ball field. UntitledIt was crazy, but crazy fun too!
UntitledSometimes we even had two games going at the same time, and I'd run back and forth trying to catch everyone bat or field the ball.
The weather did get better and who can complain when you're watching baseball and you have a view of the mountains in the background? It makes you slow down a little and appreciate the beautiful scenery that God has created for us.

UntitledBecause we love baseball so much one team just wasn't enough for  Thomas. It just so happened that some dear friends of ours were playing in a tournament near our house and they were short a few players. They asked Thomas to join them and he had a blast! UntitledWith a few more games on the schedule Thomas ended up moving in with them for a few days. These boys are like long lost brothers. They know how to get into a lot of trouble together.
UntitledSince Thomas got to go home with his buddies they kidnapped Rachel (and Rebecca) too! It was only slightly quieter in our home for those few days. ;)


Since Little League baseball wasn't enough for us we hit up a Rockies' game with our St. Louis Cardinal loving friends.Untitled

The outcome was fabulous considering I went to the game with very low expectations. I mean come on, the Rockies were near the bottom of the barrel in baseball and the Cardinals were probably going to go to the playoffs again.Untitled

Guess what? The Rockies won! It was a great game if I do say so myself. IMG_2099

What made the game even better was that we got to hang out with our sweet friends at the same time. It will definitely be a memorable game for years to come. I'll never let you forget it, Mandy. ;)


DeAnn Hein said...

Ugh. We were at that game. So hard to watch. ;) Go Cards!

Gretchen said...

That's a lot of baseball! I don't know how you do it. The mountain backdrop certainly would help. :)