Tuesday, September 29, 2015

May Was Kind of Blur

After we listed our home, it sold in just 4 short days with an offer above our asking price! Crazy, right? The market seems to be a little insane right now. Thankfully we were already under-contract for the new home that we wanted to purchase. Now it was just a packing and waiting game until the loans and closing dates were ready. Whew!
Untitled During that wait my parents came to visit us from Seattle. The weather was beautiful so we placed all of our bikes in the back of my husband's pickup and off we went to the park to play and ride bikes. Untitled
Elizabeth finally became brave enough to let us take the training wheels off of her bike. Little does she know that my husband bent the training wheels up so much that they were never even touching the ground when she rode her bike anyway.
It's been a long time since my dad has ridden a bike. It all comes back quickly doesn't it?
When my parents come out they always insist on having a mini photo session with their grandchildren. 
Bolder Boulder

My friend, Mandy, talked me into running the Bolder Boulder, so I signed up the week of the race.Bolder Boulder
What a rush! I've never run a race before and this one was a big one. There were about 50, 000 runners in this 10K, along with street bands on the corners, belly dancers, neighbors offering beer for going on their slip n' slides, and food and water were given all along the route. I placed 76 in my age and gender. It was so much fun!

Bolder Boulder

Since Mandy convinced me to run, I convinced my friend Laura to run with me since I've never run a race before and she has run a few marathons, plus she just had a baby, so I thought maybe I could keep up with her. After the race a beer was waiting for us along with another friend, Brian! Since this was old hat for Brian, he ran in an earlier heat and then tied his personal best! I think it was a great running day for everyone. 
Did I mention that the race just happened to fall on Rachel's 11th birthday?
We celebrated with my parents, a few friends, and Thai food, cherry cupcakes, and homemade ice cream!
At the end of May I photographed a wedding for a dear, sweet family friend. It was my first wedding and now I see why wedding photographers charge so much, and why I don't want to be one. I had a great time photographing the wedding, but I definitely don't want wedding photography to be in my future. 
We've known the Besel family since we moved to Colorado almost 10 years ago. Their children used to babysit my children and now they're all grown up, graduating from high school, college, getting married, and getting real jobs in the real world. Yikes! Where did the time go? Aren't they a beautiful family? I can only hope that my children turn out as kind, sweet, and well spoken as the Besels.


Mandy said...

Jan, you really did have an insane month this past May! Love all the photos! <3

Lauren said...

Is it a Colorado thing to drink beer after a race or is this standard practice? Since I make it a habit of NOT running, I don't know these things.

Jan Melius said...

Lauren, I'm not sure about the beer thing. That's the first race that I had run. I do think a beer tastes really good after you've worked really hard on a project or exercising and you're really thirsty. ;)

DeAnn Hein said...

Jan, you amaze me. Just looking at your running pics wears me out. Come run in Billings. They have a few races that reward you with beer at the end. :)