Thursday, August 6, 2015

Our Home is For Sale

Filling a pod and getting our house ready to sell! #IHateMoving #ListingTheHouse #MovingInWithChickens #PodisFull #MyHouseisStillFull 😳 #9kids=TooMuchCrapWe ended up working a deal with the owners of the home in which we visited in March contingent on us selling our home in a reasonable time. As soon as the Fienes left we began packing and we loaded up a pod. Having a large family we've accumulated too much over the years. Some of those things we still needed, but other things we were able to give away or sell. The owners of our soon-to-be home let us park our pod in their driveway while we had our home on the market.
_MG_1273.jpgThe market in the Denver area has been insane. There are more buyers than there are homes to purchase causing home prices to sky rocket and bidding wars to ensue.
Sell1Since we have a large family and we homeschool our home has been catered around that. Most people interested in buying our home probably aren't looking for a home arranged the way we live day to day, so. . . Sell2we emptied our home, and using things we already have, we staged our home according to the way the rooms were "supposed" to be used.  Sell3Boy do I wish our home looked like this all the time. Sell4One can dream right? Once our home hit the market it was a little surreal. Within the first hour we had 3 or 4 showings scheduled for that very day. _MG_1267.jpgOne of biggest reasons for us wanting to move was our backyard. It's small. It causes our boys to hit many homer-runs when the attempt to play baseball or any other sport back there. Our neighbors were a little too close for our comfort. My husband grew up on 10 acres. You can't smell cigarette smoke or hear blaring loud music from the neighbors when you open your windows and you live on 10 acres, but you can on our current little plot. We sold our home in 4 days and got an offer above our asking price. Now it was time to start the real packing because we were moving. Yikes!


Andrea said...

HOT DIGGITY!!!! WHOOooHOOooo!!!!! I wish you a speedy closing! We live about 30 minutes south of Seattle. We sold our house 2 years ago (geesh it seems so long ago!) It was on the market for 1 day before we had a full price offer. Unfortunately it fell through when the interest rates spiked. But in less than 2 weeks-we had another full price offer and that one went through. We still had to rent for a few months before our new house was done. But we survived. I wish you a smooth closing and move. :D

Lauren said...

I can't believe you got MORE than you were asking for. Bonus! Anxious to see you in your new digs some day. :)

Rachel Francisco said...

Can't wait to see "new" house pics!!