Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Zoo in January

_MG_0381.jpgIt had been over a year since we had seen Mimi and Papa, so way back in January, they came to visit. It was such a beautiful day outside that we decided to take them to the zoo. Would you believe it if I told you just a few days earlier we had snow on the ground?

_MG_0389.jpgIt looks like the brown bears just finished lunch and were taking an afternoon nap.
_MG_0392.jpgThe gorillas were pretty entertaining that day, walking around near the windows.
We always enjoy the Gibbons when we visit. They do amazing acrobatic stunts, at least in my view, when they're swinging from the ropes or branches.

_MG_0399.jpgThe rhinos were a big hit with the spectators.
They now share their home with the elephants for our easier viewing pleasure. Since moving to this space it seems like they are more active when we visit.
Check out these crazy animals that climb logs. They don't even cage these guys up. They seem to roam free all over the zoo!

The tricks that these elephants perform are always fun to watch and the facts we learn about them are pretty amazing.

_MG_0423.jpgWho needs a penny when you can stamp it with a zoo logo.

Anna wanted to take off and find the giraffes, so she and I snuck away while the others were were perusing the hyenas and foxes.

It's a beautiful day to be at the zoo! #DenverZoo #zebras #giraffes #meandmybaby
Then we came across the zebras.

_MG_0431.jpgThe zebras were putting on a show for us without any coaxing.
_MG_0433.jpgSmile for the camera!
Once I tried to get the lion to smile with Mimi and Rachel he turned away. He wasn't having any of it. 

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Andrea said...

Zoo animals are so hilarious. We were on vacation and went to the San Diego Zoo. Needless to say- the Rhino we saw took a whiz longer than Tom Hanks in "A League of their Own". There was also a group of school kids watching. I don't know which was more hilarious.