Friday, April 10, 2015


A little Jäger to warm up with before the game!! #DenBestFans #DenVsInd #GoBroncosWay back in January, after we returned from Phoenix, we were totally pumped to attend the Broncos first playoff game after getting a bye into the second round. This photo right here pretty much sums up the great time we had at the game. It was all good. . . before the game started. Comcast hosts a fabulous tailgate party complete with Jaegermeister shots, beer, vodka mixers, and plenty of food to soak up all of that alcohol.
_MG_0168.jpgMiles, the Broncos mascot, had the crowd roaring before the game.
_MG_0177.jpgThe Broncos made some impressive catches,
_MG_0180.jpgand a few good runs,
_MG_0186.jpgand even scored a touchdown.
_MG_0191.jpgThey made some great tackles too!
_MG_0200.jpgBut really, it was all downhill from there.
_MG_0204.jpgFrustration set in and little CJ had to hold the massive Ryan Clady back from getting in a fight,
_MG_0206.jpgwhile the little Ronnie held on to Franklin's jersey.
_MG_0201.jpgThe Colts just made better plays.
_MG_0221.jpgThey played a better game which sent a lot of fans home disappointed when the Colts won 24-13.
_MG_0242.jpgCan we just go back to that tailgating party before the game?

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