Wednesday, April 8, 2015


imageAfter a sad loss to Oklahoma, we went out for a retail therapy to forget about the loss. I think it worked!
2015-01-03 at 19-36-16Later that evening we had dinner in the sky above the city of Phoenix at the Compass Restaurant. The food was fantastic, as was the staff at the restaurant. It was similar to the Space Needle in Seattle, although not as high in the sky. As the restaurant slowly spun in order for us to take in the city views there were note cards along the wall to describe what we were viewing. It was quite entertaining. We even found out that we were eating dinner in an old Playboy Club. Yikes! Hue Hefner and his buddies used to party there?
imageAfter dinner we walked over to the Herberger Theater for a show where we sat right in the very front row. I snuck in this photo before it started. It was a hilarious show about marriage. If "You Say Tomato, and I Say Shut Up!" comes to town you'll be rolling, laughing if you go and see it.
2015-01-04 at 16-34-53After church on Sunday, we hit up Piestewa Peak to work off the fabulous dinner from the night before. I can't remember the last time I saw cactus that was taller than me.
2015-01-04 at 16-29-52The city views were beautiful.
2015-01-04 at 16-52-37It was quite a popular hike that draws a ton of people. It's the second highest peak in Phoenix, and for that I am thankful that we came down from high altitude. It made catching my breath a little easier on the steep inclines.
2015-01-04 at 16-54-23

2015-01-04 at 16-55-40
It was sad to say good-bye to Phoenix, especially knowing that we would be returning to snow, but it was also a little too quiet for us without 9 children jabbering in our ears all day.

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Laura Melius said...

Looks beautiful! David and I will always remember the great meal shared with family at the Space Needle. Great memories from long ago. :)