Monday, February 23, 2015

Warmer, Citrusy Weather

Getting ready for tonight's game. 😜 The barista obviously doesn't know how to spell.🏈 #Starbucks ☕️ #GoDawgs #CactusBowl 🌡 #GoHuskiesWe woke up Friday morning and it was just a short walk to Mills Ave where Starbucks was filled with "Dawg" fans.  Obviously, the barista did now attend the University of Washington, so she did not know the proper spelling of the word "dawg."
_MG_0015.jpgThe Huskies were selected to play in the Cactus Bowl which was to be played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe, AZ. Knowing that Arizona has warmer weather than Denver we thought it would be fun to take a quick trip to Arizona and catch our alma mater play a little football.
_MG_0016.jpgWe grabbed our coffee and took a little stroll around Arizona State University (ASU). They have oranges just growing on campus. How cool is that? ASU just happened to be the university in which I wanted to attend. I applied and was accepted, however, out-of-state tuition was not something my parents were willing to pay, so I settled on the University of Washington and after walking around the campus it was a choice I'm glad I made. ;)
_MG_0017.jpgThe campus was pretty and green, but I just wonder what it would be like in the spring or summer. It was not however, as beautiful as the University of Washington, which has views of the lake and mountains.
_MG_0014.jpgAs we walked around we found the stadium where the Huskies would be playing that evening. We took a little peek inside and saw many people there preparing for the evening festivities.
_MG_0033.jpgThen, from afar we saw a little mountain(?) that many people seemed to be hiking, so we decided to hike it too. Three wiseman were still on their way to bring gifts to Jesus.
_MG_0031.jpgFrom the top we could see our hotel and the city of Phoenix.
_MG_0022.jpgAlong another side you could see Sun Devil Stadium. The blue skies were beautiful, especially since we had left a snowstorm, in Denver, behind.

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