Friday, January 9, 2015

Cookie Decorating

_MG_9307.jpgLately we've had our foster children's siblings over to hang out after church on Sundays. I thought it would be fun to decorate cookies with them since it's something they've never done before.
_MG_9334.jpg _MG_9328.jpg
A few weeks before Christmas they all went to town on a ton of cookies that I baked for them.
_MG_9327.jpgThey had a great time decorating and eating.
_MG_9340.jpgCheck out these masterpieces.
_MG_9339.jpgSome of the cookies lost their limbs and the children decorated them quite appropriately, don't you think? After that day things just started going downhill for us. Stay tuned. . .

1 comment:

Gretchen said...

Those cookies are just too funny! I love how real they are--these are exactly what my kids would make. I always feel deficient when I read certain blogs in which everything is perfection, including the cookies (not talking about Kel and her pristinely gorgeous cookies, just about mommy blogs where they edit out cookies like your gingerbread man with the severed limb).

Can't wait to see part 2!