Monday, December 22, 2014

Parade of Lights

_MG_9188.jpgJust after Thanksgiving came the Parade of Lights which, around here, means the kickoff to the holiday season.

Waiting for the parade of lights to begin! #9news #paradeoflights

_MG_9122.jpgWe headed downtown with what seemed like the rest of the city, since the weather was quite warm for the beginning of December. To begin the parade the Colorado State University marching band puts on a little show. The trombonists wear blind folds while they play, and do a little dance routine. If their moves aren't perfect there is potential to get knocked in the head with a trombone. Scary! Can you see the guy bending over as the other guys swings his trombone right over the guy's head? Yep. That's how it works.
_MG_9130.jpgBeing able to sit in the grandstands, rather than standing on the street, was a welcomed gift that evening since we had already been walking for what seemed like miles from where we parked.

_MG_9132.jpgThe little kids were able to join in the fun this year since the weather was warm and they were able to keep up walking with us.
_MG_9135.jpgThey all oohed and ahhed over almost every float that went by.
_MG_9136.jpgCultures from all over the wold were represented.
_MG_9137.jpgExcel Energy sure knows how to light a float. I wonder how much energy that float used. It was quite bright and pretty!

_MG_9140.jpgNew this year was this massive tiger balloon. It was the largest balloon in the parade.
_MG_9146.jpgA good friend of ours works for Autonation, which is a huge sponsor for the parade, meaning all of the trucks pulling the floats were from Autonation.
imageHis daughter along with her friends, Rebecca, and our foster children's older siblings got to walk in the parade full of face paint and costumes. _MG_9148.jpgOur kids saw the big Autonation float coming and went to the rail to look for their friends! They thought it was so cool to see Rebecca and our friends in the parade.
_MG_9153.jpgAlong the 16th Street Mall are random, painted pianos for the public to play at their leisure. A few of these pianos were jazzed up for the parade that evening.


_MG_9159.jpg9News was also a big sponsor for the the parade. In fact, if you watch the parade the MCs are from 9News and every so often you can see my husband's face on one of the lady's shoulders.
_MG_9172.jpgMr. Waddles is the penguin mascot of the parade. When he arrives you know that it isn't much longer until you-know-who arrives.
_MG_9175.jpgDenver International Aiport houses some of the biggest snow plows that I've ever seen and they look really pretty all lit up.
_MG_9179.jpgA parade of lights just wouldn't be a great parade if there wasn't a live nativity, right?
_MG_9184.jpgOf course, after Jesus comes Santa to end the parade.
_MG_9187.jpgBefore the parade begins they light up the city and county building which stays lit all season long. Isn't it beautiful?

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