Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Foster Care Christmas Party

_MG_9210.jpgIf you follow the news you have probably heard the hundreds of horror stories about children in foster care or stories about parents who have caused their children to be part of the system. What you hardly ever hear about are the awesome things that the counties actually do for these hurting and scared children. This was our second year attending a Christmas party for all of the children in the foster care system, and their foster families, in our county.
_MG_9202.jpgThey go all out to make sure that the children are well fed with kid friendly food like corndogs and chicken strips. They don't skimp on the cake either.
_MG_9226.jpgClowns come and paint faces and they create some pretty cool designs at the children's requests.
_MG_9227.jpg _MG_9222.jpg
There are even more clowns that take requests for awesome balloon shapes, animals, or just about anything that the kids can think of. _MG_9246.jpgNot only are these children spoiled rotten with a visit from Santa, a hot meal, face painting, balloons, and crafts, they also get Christmas gifts according to their age.
_MG_9243.jpg _MG_9236.jpg
The county caseworkers do an amazing job shopping, wrapping, and personalizing gifts for children of all ages from babies to teenagers.
Annual foster care Christmas party! #Santa #clowns #crafts #BestPartyForKidsWe parents had a great time seeing the smiles on all the children's faces. This year's party was even better than last year's because we were able to get all of our foster children's siblings to join us. Currently, they live in four different homes that are quite far from each other, so arranging times to get together can be challenging. It was so fun to have them join their siblings.