Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Bow Down to Washington

IMG_0492My Lutheran Stud and I both attended school at the University of Washington. Go Huskies! Having the Colorado Buffaloes join the Pac-10, or rather Pac-12 now, has been fun! It means that we can now see our school play when they come to town. To make visiting CU Boulder even better is having a friend who is the campus pastor at the University Lutheran Chapel right across from the stadium. That's premium parking right there. ;)
IMG_0502We made it to the stadium with plenty of time to spare, so we hung out and caught a little pre-game warm-ups.
_MG_8517.jpgThe music was blaring and the players were dancing!
_MG_8533.jpgCoach Peterson was out tossing the ball around too. He's the new guy this year. We'll see how or if he can transform this team of ours.
_MG_8560.jpgThe Buffaloes' mascot, Ralphie, is always present at the games and makes his rounds before the game and before the second half. It takes 5 people to man the reins. I wouldn't mess with that buffalo.
Go Huskies! _MG_8566.jpgIt was a slow start for our Dawgs. I mean so slow that the Buffs were starting to get a little comfortable.
_MG_8568.jpgBut, our guys began breaking tackles and then they
_MG_8580.jpgran down the field, and before we knew it
_MG_8582.jpgthey scored!
_MG_8585.jpgThen they needed a little breather from all the scoring to catch up. For the record, those guys are huge. They're much bigger up close and personal. Sitting in the stands you don't realize it.
_MG_8590.jpgThe second half was still a little sloppy, but we pulled off the win and that's all that matters, right?
_MG_8592.jpgThere was an amazing turn out from Husky fans. I think, at times, they were louder than the home town crowd. Now, that was awesome!

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