Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Our First Band Concert


Last spring my Lutheran Stud began teaching our oldest how to read music and play the trumpet. As a side note, I have no musical ability whatsoever. I can't even read music. This means that I don't hear music the way most musicians do, clearly!

Being able to play the trumpet was a great accomplishment for Rebecca, but she never had the opportunity to play in a band with other people, so we enrolled her in band class at the local middle school. She currently rides her bike to school and has class for an hour and then rides home. We haven't decided what she'll do if it snows yet. School doesn't necessarily get canceled because of a little snow. _MG_8483.jpgAnyway, last week we attended her very first band concert and I couldn't be more proud! I didn't have high expectations since this was her first concert and remember watching a lot of Funniest Home Videos of concerts or plays and they, no offense, were atrocious.
_MG_8473.jpgThe band at this school was quite larger than I was expecting too. I'm not sure how many band students there are, but it was standing room only in the gym. My lens wasn't even wide enough to fit all the students in the photo.
_MG_8485.jpgTheir band teacher is the bald guy in case you were wondering. He shares the same name as my husband, spelling and all, but that's not what the students call him. They call him Mr. C.B.
_MG_8492.jpgNow for the proud mom moment. Being the newbie to the Advanced Band class she sits in the second chair as a trumpet player out of 16 other trumpeters. Thankfully, she didn't begin band class until this year because it was slightly painful to listen to the beginning band class play Hot Cross Buns while the 7th graders couldn't wait for them to play Jingle Bells knowing that they were up next. :)Sorry! I know, I know. The 6th graders just started playing for the first time in August, so really, they did a pretty great job. :)
This piece is called Ancient Voices. It was fantastic!
Now, this piece, The Pinnacle, was their finale. It was my favorite and I have to say it blew me away, and I think it sounded better than the 8th grade class! For the record, the 8th graders actually said the 7th graders sounded the best. :) Okay, I'm done with my proud mom moment now. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Lauren said...

Way to go, Rebecca! I think music teachers must have the patience of a saint. In our small homeschool coop the kids are learning the tin whistle and by way of that, all about notes and time signatures and such. To hear the boys practice is painful, yes. Tell her to keep up ht good work!

Adriane said...

Nicely done, Rebecca! Now to work on the kid with the cymbals who's really gettin' his groove on . . .

DeAnn Hein said...

At our school, it's recorders. Oh my! The sounds!
I hope Rebecca loves it and stays with it. I played the flute from 4th grade through college. I still love to go to a band concert and symphony. Good memories for me.
And 2nd chair, very cool! Good job Rebecca!