Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Road Less Traveled

_MG_7727.jpgEvery year we head to the mountains for a church workers conference. The conference usually occurs just as the leaves are turning their colors. 
_MG_7742.jpgSince I like to view beautiful scenery and because there was road construction being done on our usual route we decided to drive on the scenic road of Boreas Pass.
_MG_7746.jpgI think we caught the tail end of the leaves changing color and falling off the trees. Nonetheless, it was still pretty.
_MG_7747.jpgDid I mention that Boreas Pass is a bumpy, dirt road? I think it added about an hour to our drive. My children were thrilled.
_MG_7763.jpgThe weather seemed to turn colder earlier this year giving us snow-capped mountains on our arrival to Breckenridge. The snow usually pays a visit on the last day of the conference.
_MG_7767.jpgWe made it to the Continental Divide where the air is thinner and the trees are more sparse.
_MG_7796.jpgThe children were happy to get out of the van for a family photo.
Then they realized that it was colder than they had expected. Brr!
_MG_7810.jpgAn old railroad track used run in these parts.
_MG_7815.jpgThe temperatures continued to drop the closer we got to Breckenridge.
As we continued down the road less traveled we spotted a deer. It scampered away too quickly, so we weren't able to get too close.
_MG_7827.jpgWe found a random little lake with snow-capped back drop. I think I could live there, maybe. Could you?
_MG_7845.jpgWe spotted our hotel down below. The kids got excited when they realized we were getting closer.
_MG_7848.jpgAnd, that's about as much 4x4-ing as we were able to do in the bad boy of a tank. There was no jeeping for us this year, but that's ok. It was a fun tradition while it lasted. ;)

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Gretchen said...

Your photos are gorgeous, as always. And I'm jealous every year when you post these that the whole fam goes to the conference. Here, not even the wives ever go, let alone the kids!