Monday, October 6, 2014

Our Baby is Five!

_MG_7259.jpgJust one week after Elizabeth's birthday comes Anna's birthday. They're like two peas in a pod being just one year apart. Can you guess what Anna wanted to do for her birthday?

_MG_7272.jpgIt was another trip to the zoo for us on Anna's birthday. We tried to check some of the animals that we didn't see the week before.

_MG_7276.jpgI suppose making regular trips to the zoo makes it so one doesn't have to see all of the exhibits on these same day, right?

_MG_7288.jpg _MG_7285.jpg

The sliver backs were snacking which made the rest of us a little hungry too._MG_7299.jpgThe downpour the week before caused the carousel to close for obvious reasons.

_MG_7309.jpgElizabeth was super disappointed, but all was well when they gave us a raincheck and she was able to ride along with Anna!

_MG_7316.jpgSince I seem to get dizzy on the carousel, in my old age, my Lutheran Stud rides the carousel with the children while hang out and to get footage.

_MG_7323.jpg _MG_7326.jpg

Have you ever seen the penny thing? You stick a penny into the machine above. It gets melted down into this. Pretty cool, huh?

_MG_7333.jpgIt seemed like a lot of the animals were eating lunch when we came by, as was this rhino. He paid no attention to us. He was focused.

_MG_7336.jpgThis ass, on the other hand, wanted to jump the fence and get us. We actually thought he was going to do it too.

_MG_7342.jpgThe sea lions wanted to play too. They kept swooping down and putting on a show for us.

_MG_7357.jpgWe couldn't leave the zoo without a stop for ice cream for the birthday girl!

_MG_7366.jpgAnd to be spoiled even more, Kellee made these awesome Snow White cookies for her.

_MG_7397.jpg _MG_7401.jpg

This sweet baby of ours is now 5 years old! Yikes! Isn't she the cutest thing, ever?_MG_7386.jpgHappy birthday, Anna! We love you. Now stop growing up!


Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, Anna. I can't believe she is 5 already! We miss you guys so much!

Lauren said...

I am laughing thinking about Anna sitting outside your garage waiting for us to return from Starbucks with a huge smile on her face. :) What a little five-year-old cutie!

Jan Melius said...

We miss you guys, too, Katie!

Lauren, that was so hilarious. It's how she rolls.