Saturday, October 4, 2014

Fire Safety

IMG_4869.jpgBeing foster parents we are required to attend several training classes throughout the year. This particular class was about fire safety and the whole family was invited to attend because how jealous would our children be, knowing that we were climbing around in fire trucks and playing with water hoses without them?
IMG_4831.jpgWe met Eli and he dressed up in his fireproof garb to show the children what he looks like in the event that a fire actually occurred and he had to enter a home searching for children.
IMG_4859.jpgEveryone got a chance to put out a fake fire with the water hoses.
IMG_4861.jpgI was waiting for one of the children to start spraying other children, but that never happened. I suppose they know better than I do. ;)
IMG_4863.jpgReal fires were lit, so we could practice using a massive fire extinguisher.
IMG_4871.jpgOf course exploring fire trucks and ambulances is always on the list of things the children want to do, don't you?
IMG_4881.jpgWe also got to measure body temperatures with this neat tool.
IMG_4879.jpgIn the event of a fire in the home and fireman can take this tool to search for people inside by detecting body temperatures in the home.
IMG_4877.jpgFire safety is important in keeping your family and home safe. Be sure to practice fire drills and change the batteries in your smoke detectors!

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