Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Buddies and a Birthday!

After we returned from San Diego we were visited by dear friends from Illinois.
_MG_7145.jpgLauren and I go back to our seminary days. She's been through the worst of the worst with me while eating spinach artichoke dip and attempting to read sewing patterns.
_MG_7138.jpgThese two did field work together in Corunna. On Wednesday evenings we'd get together after church and debrief about the evening.
_MG_7200.jpgOn the day that the Braatens left we also celebrated this cutie's 6th birthday.
_MG_7185.jpgElizabeth wanted to get her free goodies at the zoo, so we loaded up for an afternoon at the zoo.
_MG_7187.jpgGibbons were in full swing chasing after food being thrown at them.
_MG_7212.jpgThe elephants are always a favorite exhibit especially since it was redone. I can't believe this little girl is 6.
_MG_7220.jpgWe caught the tail end of the elephant show. This gal was kneeling for hay. Yum!
_MG_7227.jpgWe got caught in a down pour and took cover as did the penguins.
_MG_7229.jpgWe found shelter in the Tropical Discovery exhibit and decided to see what the Komodo dragons were up to.
_MG_7238.jpgAs the storm cleared out, so did we, but we stopped to check out the tiger before we left. He was pacing back and forth. That must be what he does in his free time.
_MG_7250.jpgWe headed home to celebrate with ice cream cupcakes!
_MG_7248.jpg   _MG_7242.jpg
  Happy birthday to this sweet, dainty little girl! We love you, Elizabeth.


Lauren said...

You forgot to mention that we're actually sisters, according to a certain former seminary president's wife. :) And oh, those freaking leaf placemats . . . I still have nightmares about those.

Adriane said...

You guys are totes adorbs.